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Vida Nord helps you arrange meetings, events and premium experiences in Swedish Lapland. We conceptualize dreams and give life to your visit.

DMC means Destination Management Company. It may sound fancy and complicated, but our goal is simply to give you the best that our destination has to offer. Activities that spring from our nature, culture and history. We want more people to get the chance to discover the diversity in Sweden’s northernmost destination.

We specialize in planning and conducting national as well as international meetings, congresses, incentives and events.


Midnattssolen är ett av naturens underverk. Upptäck magiska vita nätter i Skellefteå, den södra utposten i Swedish Lapland.

The midnight sun is one of nature’s wonders. Discover magical white nights in Skellefteå, the southern outpost in Swedish Lapland.

Enjoy the wildlife exhibition in Svansele, rafting in the world-famous Byskeälven and car racing in Fällfors. Visit the Skellefteå archipelago and enjoy a culinary journey with exotic dishes and beer from the local brewery Kallholmen. During your three-day adventure, you live at Stiftsgården, a former parsonage in one of our oldest cultural areas.

Racing with limitless possibilities

Vroom vroom! Fällfors now has Scandinavia’s longest race track. There are activities for many different types of events, for both small groups and large ones. Conference facilities, different types of vehicle training, product launches, premises for trade fairs are some examples.

Cycling with a guide in Skellefteå

Learn more about cycling technology and safety and discover exciting adventures on two wheels with a guided tour on mountain bike in Skellefteå.


Winter is a perfect time to visit Skellefteå, the southern outpost in Swedish Lapland. There are lots of activities right outside the door: snowmobiling through sparkling white forests, moose safaris and ice experiences in the Gulf of Bothnia.

As darkness falls, you can enjoy the warmth of large campfires, hot saunas and wooden hot tubs. You can even get a glimpse of the fantastic northern lights. Absolute silence is guaranteed.

Svansele wilderness

Moose safari on snowmobiles. Lunch and dinner over open fires. Sauna or bath in outdoor wooden hot tubs. The wilderness in Svansele is only 40 minutes away.

Here you can have the greatest wilderness adventure of your life and at the same time relax and enjoy nature. The activities range from quiet moments with fishing to fast snowmobile rides. They are perhaps best known for their moose safari. You will experience the king of the forest, the moose, in its natural habitat.

Break the ice – and take a dip

Boating and taking a dip sounds like a fairly common activity. But in Piteå, the twist is that the boat trip takes place in minus 20 degrees Celsius, from an icebreaker that weighs 400 tons! Hot drinks and lunch are on board.